Walking Forward with Consciousness: Mastering Spiritual Guidance

Rebecca Kaye
Rebecca Kaye
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With Spiritual Guidance you now journey into your infinite consciousness. The practice empowers you to further enhance your spiritual connections with self, others and the world you live in. You clearly understand your meaning of life, and help out others in need.

One foot in one world, one in another …

I have heard it whispered amongst people who have walked a spiritual path for many years, that the more they walk forward the less they understand, and yet the more they know. An inner/outer ‘space’ is spoken of, a space where all the physical noise and demands of our human-constructed world disappear, perhaps just for fleeting moments, perhaps for longer. With this ‘experience’ the physical world we know does not disappear. It’s as if some magic is afoot, you are able to inhabit both states at the same time, one foot in this world and one in a gravity-less and timeless other. The heaviness of the human condition melts away in this space. You melt into it, forgetting your human form for a while. Could this space be that of inner infinite consciousness?

You may remember, as you evolved on your spiritual path, that this space felt alien at first, a cosmos of emptiness full of potential was unveiled in front of you. A mix of fear and wonderment is sometimes whispered about from those who have felt it. On your first time of experiencing this space you may have thought, ‘Should I dive in?’ or ’Will I ever return?’. In you dived …

And then bump! Back down to earth you came. A contradiction of heaviness as you learnt to navigate being in one world and then the other, or sometimes both at the same time.. You saw that you were still inhabiting your body, sometimes confused and still affected by human noise, other times less so, either way ‘normal’ life was still going on around you.

Community and agency

Diving into that cosmic potential took courage. Perhaps you drew off the experience of others who had already experienced this infinite potential, for support. You now understand you can stay aware and constant within this cosmic shifting, and yet sometimes the ‘space’ is elusive, requiring consistency to deepen into and connection to others to help maintain your practice. Now you are experiencing these kinds of levels of spiritual connection, it is of crucial importance to share your experience and support others on their journey. As your spiritual connection increases, with it comes the possibility of feeling more isolated and more alone on some levels. Ironically, in that infinite space of consciousness, loneliness doesn’t exist, you are one and nothing at the same time, intertwined with the cosmos. But then the bump back to earth, the realisation that you are still human after all, can be a big bump. Hence the importance of sharing your knowledge and experience with others, which serves to strengthen your own practice, support others in developing theirs and deepen your personal sense of belonging.

The practices you experience and share with others are a vital lifeline, enabling you to stay grounded, making sense for your ‘out-of-body’ experiences and making the landings feel less abrupt. We are here together as humans on Earth with a possibility to learn from each other, and to come to know the importance and beauty of such qualities as care, compassion, kindness, acceptance, self-love and forgiveness. These are invaluable lessons of being. In our human form we have the opportunity, if we choose it, to embody these high frequency qualities and so give them life, whilst sharing and supporting others to experience the same.

With your sustained chosen practices of awareness you are deepening your spiritual connections and dropping, at times, further into your infinite consciousness. You have the tools and capacity now to move forward on your path fulfilling your potential, and so support and assist others in fulfilling theirs. This kind of call to action can have a positive impact on the world around you. In this way of sharing, you are supporting and contributing positively to a collective consciousness which can be one of the most vital and rewarding actions a human can take.

Remember we are all connected


Stay aware and remember the development of your awareness. Remember the effect of your mindful positive intentions on your body, mind, emotions and well-being. Sharing this awareness authentically with others can offer a huge support both to them and to you. You know your thoughts, words and actions affect the people you come into contact with. Like ripples from a stone dropped in a pool of water, your personal vibration spreads out having an impact on the planet, it’s eco system, it’s inhabitants and all of creation. Sharing in community and enabling agency with like-minded people creates an ocean of connectivity; the frequency on which you vibrate joins with others on the same frequency, and so increases the healing potential for all of humanity.

Here at Sissoo, our mission is to empower you. We strive to assist you in developing your spiritual connections, with yourself, with others and with the world around you. We support the manifestation of a healthily inclusive spiritual community. We believe all human beings are born free, and are equal for dignity and rights. Ultimately the meaning of self-empowerment and spiritual connection is completely personal to you. There is no right or wrong way or practice to reach your personal Nirvana. Find your people and stay connected. Share your experiences and see how much more clearly and strongly they are reflected to you through that sharing. On a very simple and basic level, we all have something to learn from each other. Be careful not to doubt being ‘clever enough’ or ‘spiritually-developed enough’ to share your pearls of wisdom. You and your experience, just like your fingerprint, are unique. You may have a gem to share that could be just what a fellow spiritual traveler needs, to help them on their way.


‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito’ (Dalai Lama)



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