Personifying Energy Medicine

Kamakshi Nanda
Kamakshi Nanda
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“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”

Who else but Oscar Wilde, the author with his trademark caustic humour, would think of that quote. Energy Medicine in its deeper stages becomes an excellent medium for us to keep our energy pathways constantly open and spacious instead of crowded and jammed. And thereby personify the aura of perennial joviality and positivity as admired by Oscar Wilde.

Your practice of Energy Medicine blossoms such that you optimise the flow of your meridians. When previously jogging or cycling had become a source of strain and fatigue due to imbalances in energy flows, now these activities vitalise you. In conjunction with Sissoo’s energy healers you identify techniques that yield the best results for you. You therefore concentrate your learning to the modalities that worked the most. So, whenever your body accelerates the onset of fatigue, forcing you to take it easy, you know how to assist your body in recovery and recuperation. 

The continuous in-house energy free flow creates a protective bubble around you. Imagine a waterfall of qi emerging from the head, cascading over your body and embracing your milieu and realm. Enveloping you in its insulating and empowering embrace. This shields you to quite an extent from external negative influences and dynamics but at the same time willingly absorbs passing good vibes. No wonder that you begin to embody a steady sense of peace and calm. 

As no life is immune from crisis, your current knowledge deftly guides you to deal with issues as and when they crop up. Sissoo’s experts lend a hand in your gaining maturity. You accept that life is always in a state of flux. Most situations are transitory. The new mindset allows you to ditch the previous confused and overwhelmed self, and confront the problems on hand skilfully. These learned mindful practices reprograms your response to stress, depression, anxiety and other disagreeable scenarios. As life seems lighter, moreeasy-going, and less afflicted with obstacles, you come to view your past in a different light too. You realise that the pain and suffering experienced by you had a higher purpose. Difficult as it may have been at that point in time, it was meant to strengthen you and make you more resilient.The mastery of your energy from working with energy healers can be felt, observed, and affect people around you. Your allure acquires such evocativeness that their energy aura is raised by you. You're almost irresistible as you transmit your charisma and energy outwards. 

At this level your energy medicine teacher's attention too shifts to the bio-magnetic field of the body or neural pathways which stimulate multiple organs instead of concentrating solely on blockages. Not only do you feel as if your energy channels are clear, but you are also able to work in sync with your practitioner. The practice sessions no longer feel strange or cloaked in an alien language, instead a common tongue develops between you and the specialist. A partnership develops where your subtle energies bounce off each other. This in turn sets off a chain of positive reactions. Your energy field is so familiar with the channelled frequencies of energy medicine that the body naturally reacts more efficiently and powerfully. In other words, you accept the treatment mentally and physically more strongly. At this conjecture instead of being piloted, you take flight. You gain confidence in experimenting with different energies and advising others when needed.

Energy medicine here aids you in grounding the previously established intimate connection with self, your 'self'. Such that you know what activities, people, events, reading material etc. will uplift and support you. You consciously exercise choices in a more informed and thought-out manner. You additionally build healthy boundaries to maintain inner harmony and balance. 

You rein over what you had initially believed to be uncontrollable kinetic forces and guide it to the direction of your choosing. You start to truly own your personal energy through the practice. While simultaneously also influence the impact of external energy on yourself by adopting the right food habits, exercise routine, engaging in self-care and right mix of people, etc. Furthermore, you are actively mindful of the physical energy of your immediate surroundings, the literature you pick up to read, the amount of exposure you permit yourself on social media etc. Besides owning and protecting your energy field, you acquire skills in cleansing your biofield too. 

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