Unlock Your Potential with Body Therapies: A Journey to Health and Well-being

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Perrine Pauwels
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Body therapies unlock your potential by addressing internal blockages, promoting energy flow and mental clarity. These therapies go a long way in removing the roadblocks that stand in your way of reaching your highest potential. They target the internal body blockages to allow the free flow of your energy, thus oxygenating your brain and your dreams. Validated therapists at Sissoo can build a flexible personalised timeline and action plan for you to achieve self-actualisation by correcting harmful habits, incorporating changes and readjusting your daily life.

The Wisdom of Virgil: Health as True Wealth

Over 2000 years ago, a Classical Roman poet, Publius Vergilius Maro, or simply Virgil allegedly said, “The greatest wealth of all is health”. As someone who is said to have been afflicted with poor health throughout his life, Virgil knew what he was talking about. Wealth here is not in the narrow sense of the term, limited to only money, property or jewellery, rather a more expansive notion, as in ‘wealth’ of life’s experiences and happiness. And that in the absence of disease or illness, mentally and physically we are able to thrive, grow and enjoy life to its full capacity. 

You would imagine that humanity would have ingrained his simple foresight on health but alas. Modern life is rife with multiple stress factors which adversely affect our well-being. There are numerous studies (1) that prove that the twin toxins of anxiety coupled with stress can destabilise several of our internal body systems. Consider the impact on the following systems:

  • Musculoskeletal System - muscle tension, body aches and pains.
  • Cardiopulmonary System - blood pressure issues, chest pains, breathlessness, etc 
  • Gastrointestinal System - upsetting the digestive system, diarrhoea, nausea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Neurologic System - cerebral concentration problems and dizziness.
  • General or multi-system: persistent fatigue, migraines, insomnia, excessive sweating, etc. 

The causal relationship between mental tension and physical discomfort is two-ways. Stress leads to joint pains and muscle strain, while being in physical distress results in you being worried and mentally occupied. A physique in sufferance upsets several facets of your life. Should it require constant medical attention and stop you from working, it reduces your bank balance. Your standard of living is also impacted. Going for a movie, dinner or night out at a pub might not be doable. Traveling for work or leisure might be uncomfortable. You may not be an equal participant in handling daily domestic chores, negatively affecting the household ambiance. 

Breaking Free from Ailments

The thing is…you need not continue in your anguished state (whether these restraints on your smooth body movement and function is due to stress or underlying physical condition). Relief is at hand should you want to reach it. Sissoo's therapist can lead the way for you to realise your full potential. By removing your internal roadblocks through body therapies, Sissoo’s practitioners can make you unlock your ability to actively contribute to your community.

They could start out with targeting blockages in the circulation of the healthy neurotransmitters within your central nervous system and other body systems. They may use the various massage techniques typically aiming for soft tissues and muscles, acupressures, stretches and exercise regimens to unclog your congested points. The slow emancipation from corporal pain and aches would awaken your spirits and consciousness to the profile of your body’s requirements and the need for body care.

Sissoo’s specialists may also delve into factors of your daily life that interrupt the ceaseless flow of Qi - the internal energy - within you. They potentially will talk up the benefits of certain life-style changes. Crucially their axis of analysis would touch on small and big aspects of your everyday too. For example they’ll examine the degree of sedentary life you lead. How many hours do you spend sitting non-stop during work. Do you take break? If yes, what is the nature of your breaks? Is it just talking to a colleague on the other side of the cubicle by lifting or turning of the head? Or a simple stretching of your arms? Or walking over to the coffee distributor? Or do you actually take the time to get up to spend 5 minutes in doing a full head to toe body stretch? If yes, how do you do it?

A Path to Well-being Tailored Just for You

As nothing is more important than restoring the temple of your being - your body- to good health, Sissoo’s practitioners could work with you to establish a workable goal-oriented timetable based on your input. The outlined agenda would be suited to your needs and desires for you improve your day-to-day living and include more body movements. The jointly agreed schedule is flexible and easily adjustable so that you don’t get quickly dissuaded say because of X,Y,Z reasons you were unable to attend the therapy sessions or other external factors affected your commitment to it. It makes space for possible obstacle encounters as well, and coping strategies that you could adopt. 

Additionally, the timelines are drawn up such that changes are introduced gradually, one by one, so as to not overwhelm you. It is detailed in a way to give your cerebrum and physique ample room to incorporate and internalise those changes, or make amendments if necessary. You focus on one behavioural modification at a time, it is only after its integration that you move forward on the list of alterations. For instance to reach your self-identified objective of running 5 km marathon for charity and your personal wellness, the task would be broken into smaller steps. You’d be encouraged to begin with jogging 1 km thrice a week, to increasing the frequency and the distance of the jog progressively. Sissoo’s therapist in turn would play their role in acting like door keepers. By encouraging you to stick to the calendar so that you avoid losing focus and thus maintaining your motivation. 

Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul

Through the guidance given by Sissoo’s therapists, you expand your knowledge about how outside factors impacts your systems, thereby affect your body’s dynamism and well-being. They provide useful advice on what you could do to mitigate the effects of those. For example, which food items to include or reduce in your diet. You’ll learn the importance of having a regular daily routine, with set morning and bed timings, so as to stabilise your body’s metabolisms and your cognitive health. 

As you advance in your individualised action plan, your intellectual, spiritual and emotional self-awareness grows. The way this path is chalked out by you and your therapist, with its circular, malleable approach, enlightens you to the universal fact that ups and downs are part of life. That it should not impedes us from achieving greater things. 

Better managing your pain and anxiety escalates your self-actualisation to lead a fuller life. You gain confidence in your body and your mental ability to achieve other life goals. By acquiring compassion for your body, your empathy grows for your fellow human beings too.

A Transformation of Mind, Body, and Soul

This mere installation of a degree of self-control brings about remarkable mind-body-soul evolution in you. Your psyche goes through a reset where you consider your anatomy, your actions, your life goals and by extension your relationships with loved ones and what you hold most dear to you, more seriously and devotedly. A lesser burdened soul inhabits your core. Your conscious act of nurturing your physique anew energises dormant muscles and tendons to release their accumulated stress, besides oxygenating itself and invigorating your entire system including the brain. The combined mind-body flushing out of toxins and sticky impurities leaves headroom for grander alternatives like vigour, positive thoughts, and spiritual maturity. 


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