Speaking & Listening Therapies

Speaking and Listening therapies can help us to explore how to deal with challenging thoughts and the accompanied feelings they bring. They can also help us to make positive changes in our lives. They can help when we are feeling challenged by certain events as well as helping us when experiencing a condition that is affecting our mental health. Speaking and being listened to is an important part of any relationship. It strengthens our connection with others and can help us to stay in good mental health. Being listened to helps us feel that other people care about us and what we have to say. We can often find it helpful to talk through challenges with a friend or family member, however sometimes friends and family can be too close to be able to help us and we need to speak with someone who is professionally trained and detached from us. Speaking and Listening therapies involve speaking with someone who is professionally trained to help us deal with our challenging thoughts and emotions. These therapies give us the ability to explore our thoughts, our associated feelings and also the effect they may be having on our mood and behaviour. Describing what is going on for us and how it is making us feel can be very helpful in assisting us in recognising particular patterns and behaviours that we may wish to change. The therapeutic journey can help us to discover where in our life our thought patterns may have developed and for what reason. Growing an understanding of this through a guided journey of discovery can help us to make the difference in our life we are looking for.