Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual teachers of the world, past and present. As human beings we often seek to find answers to help us define our space, place and purpose in the world. We look to find meaning for our existence and connection to something greater, both within and without of ourselves. In a pure sense the word spirituality speaks of the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. We have many spiritual teaches in our midst, both past and present. We can look to these teachers for guidance, learning of their lives’ journeys, the practises they have followed and the beliefs and values they hold dear as a way to help us answer our questions on life, the universe and everything. We may reach out for their teachings at times of physical, mental or emotional crisis in our lives. Some of these teachers are affiliated to specific world religions. Some are autonomous in their beliefs and values, even if they have been shaped by following certain spiritual paths. Others may be considered to be great thinkers who receive their inspiration through the sciences, studying cutting edge research in, for example, the realms of Quantum Physics, Medicine or Neuroscience. Others may draw their guidance from a mixture of knowledge, personal exploration, world religion and history. Many inhabit a space in their understandings where science and spirituality meet. The most influential spiritual leaders we can find having an effect in politics, world peace and social concerns. Most all of the worlds renowned spiritual teachers have a personal story of some significance to tell.