Continuing Your Journey to Gaining Immunity

Kamakshi Nanda
Kamakshi Nanda
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Your personal journey of self-discovery reaches numerous summits through Meditation where life’s vagaries cease to perturb you as much, or if they do you quickly bounce back. Meditation at this juncture clearly illuminates the direction in life that you want to take. You become completely at ease with your inner self, the world around you, and see beauty in everything.

So much has happened for you in your travel through navigating the pulls, pushes and triggers of modern living via meditation. You’ve successfully managed to hit pause on several elements on your fast-paced everyday momentum. You’ve found a good enough balance between swinging in and out of internal zen and facing life. Yet life’s vicissitudes still throw you off balance and overwhelm you.

Meditation has sharpened your vision to such a great deal about what’s important for you, that those end goals are visible to you but out of reach because you are bogged down with life’s stresses and demands. The storm surges submerge you and you are left gasping for breath. How can one gain immunity from this? Can one reach a stage where you are completely resistant to the omnipresent world?

There is a place like this. Where super cyclones that develop in the outer environment, ravage through the streets but dissipates without having no impact whatsoever on your being. In other words, despite being seated in the locus of the hurricane, where the path of its eye moves in and out of your inner chakras, you remain unaffected. This is a powerful state and something the best of us strive to achieve. Meditation in its highest form, discounting its apparent daunting nature and uphill climb, is a trek worth undertaking. Herein no object, mantra or even breathe will separate you from your conscious being. It is an endeavour in total and complete surrender to our consciousness. Where each and every brain neuron, cells, messaging channels, the cerebrum in whole shuts down.

Through repetitive meditation with an expert, you’ll prolong the moments of a quiet mind i.e. a brain without thoughts from a few seconds, to a couple of minutes to sustained longer periods of time. The mental reset that follows after such an exercise would add a degree of invincibility to your state of peace and calm. This is because you shall reach near-immunity. As the duration of immersive consciousness will draw out, the sense of peace in you vis-à-vis your other environment will expand. A Harry Potter style invisible cloak of serenity and tranquillity will envelop you in a comfortable customised fit. Your magical new-normal created out of your mind. The rest – constant phone buzzing with social media updates, emails notifications, WhatsApp messages, calls, texts, terse conversations, awful boss and colleagues, suspicious neighbour, traffic honking, blaring music, footsteps, construction racket – shall become insignificant. The pandemonium of little and big sounds that dominate modern life would transform into something that you would take notice of occasionally. Like when in a moment of tenderness with your loved one in a public space, the only sound you’ll hear would be the sound of your kiss and feel the flutter in your heart.


No…of course not…you won’t withdraw from life to escape its impositions and din. On the contrary you’ll experience it differently and unhesitatingly get involved in it in more meaningful ways. Your new-found imperviousness to the vagaries of life will empower you to attempt to help others struggling with their personal twisters. For example, not only would it no longer upset you that some friends seek you out when they need something. Your expanded heart would delight itself in helping these particular friends, and many other people whose paths you’ll cross without expecting anything in return.

Meditation at this level would also help you prise open an internal beam of light that would illuminate the tracks that you were struggling to choose from. Like whether to switch your job or not? Moving cities or not? To more profound auto-evaluations of the place of ego in your relationships, past major misunderstandings among people close to you, etc. Should you get in touch with a friend you have not spoken to in X number of years and bury the hatchet? The word ‘I’ shall take on a different hue and significance.

One part of that inner luminosity will prod you to start seeing life as the sum of different small components in a way that you shall direct your effort to take care of details in your and your loved one’s well-being. While another part will highlight the wisdom of seeing life as a whole. Namely to discern which minor issues cannot be dismissed by you, and what is the bigger picture of interrelated small problems. Your third eye will pan in and out of emboldened contentious topics to address them in an introspective and kind manner.

A degree of magnanimity will guide your thoughts and actions in the present, while you’ll revise your understanding of the past and will look forward to living the future as a better wholesome being.

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