What is Energy Medicine?

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Four centuries ago, the famous “Bard of Avon” William Shakespeare made an interesting observation in All’s Well That Ends Well. Destinies, that his contemporaries readily blamed on the stars and constellations, actually lay in their own hands. 

'Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie,

Which we ascribe to heaven: the fated sky'

In other words, the panacea to our difficulties and physical problems, are within our reach and often within ourselves. 

Ermm… that’s all very nice and philosophical…but how does one rid oneself of problems?

How can one be one’s own customer service?

The buzzword: ‘Energy’

We inhabit a world where energy is omnipresent. It is everything and everywhere. Living and non-living creatures both run on some kind of energy. Think of the sun that aids in the photosynthesis in plants. Petrol or diesel, and increasingly batteries that keep vehicles humming on roads. Crucially each and every cell of the human body runs on the energy of nutrients. Energy is the basic unit for the functioning of not only the planet, but also us. A dynamic force that exists within you and your surrounding environment. It is in continuous interplay with the energies enveloping it and inside you to make you feel calm, cool, warm, or stimulate you. It is the body’s own auto-correcting mechanism - a natural remedy. A medicine that works on your body and soul to maintain your homeostasis. 

The concept of energy circulation in the body as the determining factor of one’s good health has existed in multiple cultures across the globe. The Chinese named it as ‘qi’ or ‘chi’, in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition it is ‘prana’, in Japanese medicine it is ‘ki’, Jewish cabalistic tradition called it ‘yesod’, for the Sufis it is ‘baraha’, while the Tibetan Buddhist it is 'lung'. This energy pulsates through the body via the matrix of channels, namely the acupuncture’s meridians or the Yogic ‘nadi’ system. 

After years of research, scholars have developed devices capable of measuring body’s subtle invisible energies. Today’s energy medicine is thus an amalgamation of wisdom past down through generations, complemented by scientific advancements.

Energy Access

Your body or even your mind starts acting up when one or several of your energy systems is perennially imbalanced, or are incongruent to each other. Although your internal energy centres constantly readjust the energy at hand to repair and rejuvenate you, yet it does not prove to be enough. Additionally modern living, with its multiple stress factors, pollution, processed food, processing other people’s emotions, etc expose us to a life where it is challenging to conserve the optimal energy equilibrium. The common lament is that of having "low energy" or suffering from "chronic fatigue”, tell tale signs of poor or stuck energy stocks.

How does one then harness one’s energy? 

How can one unleash its self-healing potential?

Practitioners of energy medicine are a good medium for you to access your inner vitality. They’ll use their knowledge to exploit your personal energy in a way to restore fitness and joviality.

In the more traditional variety of energy medicine, diagnosis can also be carried out using divining techniques like magnetic stone, gemstones, etc. Should you go to a radionics (electromagnetic therapy) specialist you may not even have to be physically present, as both diagnosis and treatment could be conducted remotely. You might be required to provide a lock of hair, photograph or your full name neatly spelled out on a piece of paper for the practitioner to work with. 

Energy Medicine's primary principle is that the development and mending of body’s cells, muscles, tissues and organs is governed by its energy fields. Accordingly, as energy locked in your organs can cause breakdowns of the said organ and the endocrine system, your therapists will attempt to liberate your body’s cellular memory stored in the muscles and fascia tissue of the body. The normalising of your body’s chemistry and regulation of your hormones through the balancing of your subtle energies shall leave you feeling better with greater clarity of thought. Energy Medicine thus functions in a way to rouse one’s inner ‘prana’/‘lung’/‘chi’/‘yesod’ flow to bring about increased body, mind and soul vitality. This self-care practice ushers in higher immunity and passion towards your life.

The process is helpfully non-invasive and thus safe for most to try.


There are several energy-based treatment intended to rebalance the body. Their effectiveness depends on the patient’s symptoms. 

- Magnet Therapy: None of us are impervious to Earth’s electromagnetic and gravitational pull. Experts build on ancient knowledge that our energy pathways and energy centres emit electromagnetic light and energy. Therefore they employ magnets or electromagnetic devices to create a magnetic field around the damaged organ as magnets can galvanise dormant cells, curtail inflammation and rebuild affected tissues. 

- Gem Therapy: Lapis lazuli’s deep blues, amethyst’s violet brilliance, rose quartz, jade’s soft colours, and other gemstones have been hailed by the Antique Greeks, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Indians for their soothing healing powers. When worn as an amulet or simply placed on your body, one’s tangible, intangible and spiritual difficulties are cured through the frequencies that emanate from the gemstones themselves because crystals hold and emit energy.

- Flowers and vibrational essences: Nature is such that it leaves nobody unaffected by its beauty and aromas. Building on this logic, this therapy exploits the essences of flowers or other parts of the plant like stems and barks. It first extracts the essence by soaking the plant material in spring water leaving it under the sun or by boiling it. To prevent the evaporation of the essence, alcohol is added. A few drops of the essence’s vibrational energy is said to favourably affect one’s mood, mental and spiritual status. This is because the essences work on our emotions to calm the central nervous system, hence freeing an important energy pathway.

- Radionics or Electromagnetic Therapy: The therapist may employ a pendulum or radionics device to ‘broadcast’ the cure. The actual treatment may take the form of a homeopathic remedy, vitamins, herbs, a chant or even a positive thought. The treatment can be carried out virtually, however your consent and active participation is needed. 

Should the practitioner decide to use devices, the treatment could still involve homeopathy. Alternatively it could be another herbal cocktail which is transferred into your being either in the form of drops, tablets or as magnetic strips worn on the body. The magnets are typically waterproof as they are set in plastic or ceramic. It is though advisable to keep them dry as they lose their efficiency with frequent exposure to moisture.


As each of us is unique, our reaction to the offerings of energy medicine will differ. In the beginning you might be tricked into believing that nothing much is happening because the treatment’s nature itself is very discreet. You could witness an initial flare-up of symptoms, followed by a quick downturn known as a healing response.

Most importantly, you’ll make the first link up with your hitherto unknown energy channels and power centres. You’ll witness a decline in strong emotions and intense feelings as your constitution would unwind with the smooth flow of energy in your being. This proactive mind-body connect will usher in a sense of peace and relaxation. Cheerfully as we would be in a state of relaxed receptivity, our brains would detox and the immune system would be strengthened. Gradually you’ll experience temporary relief from pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Soon, you’ll emerge from your unexplored and under-exploited energy shell better prepared to interact with the vast ocean of energies your are exposed to everyday.

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