Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine encompasses various modalities that uses energy to repair the bio-field of the body. These treatments are considered complimentary integrative therapies to use along with other healing practices in order to optimize the health and well being of a person. Finding the most effective treatment is a personal and unique journey for each individual. Since most energy healing therapies are non-invasive so it is safe to try different forms and discover what works best. In general energy medicine restores harmony, energy, and balance to the receiver by channelling life force energy into the body. Charges of energy either channelled through a practitioner or from a device stimulates the energy circuits of the body allowing energy to flow, clearing blockages, and facilitating the bodies natural self-healing abilities. The human body has an innate ability to heal itself but the current lifestyle of modern times create toxic build-up and stress that block the flow of energy causing illness and disease. The body does not lie and will communicate to us that something needs to change and shift in order for our energy to flow back into homeostasis. This can be expressed not only from our physical body; but also through our mental body, emotional body, and/or spiritual body. Benefits of Energy Medicine : Physical: -Improves Immune System -Speeds recovery from injuries -Assists in rebalancing digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems -Helps alleviate pain Mental: -Assists with processing negative thought patterns -Helps release fears -Stimulates confidence -Supports neuroplasticity Emotional: -Relieves anxiety -Lessens depression -Helps to process grief -Releases stress Spiritual: -Stimulates intuition -Assists with connections to a higher power -Supports enlightenment -Guides soul purpose.