Building a World Beyond Patriarchy:'s Commitment to Diversity and Women's Well-being

Julie Mosmuller
Julie Mosmuller

Dive into our dedication to fostering diversity and creating inclusive health & well-being offerings, all contributing to the shaping of a post-patriarchal society.

At, we’re committed to building a post-patriarchal society. And we understand that this journey starts with ourselves.

For the past two years, we've been dismantling internal biases and creating a truly inclusive space. We've created a dedicated women's well-being service line, alongside a set of post-patriarchal design principles that guide everything we do. These principles empower individuals of all backgrounds at

This article dives into the three key ways we're bringing this vision to life. Read more below about how we ensure that: 

  • Our services are empowering women across all life stages.
  • Healthy masculine and feminine values are the cornerstone of all that we do. 
  • We support a cyclical and sustainable approach to spirituality.

And finally, learn more about the diverse women's well-being services we offer.


Beyond one type of woman: empowering women across different life stages 

We want women to feel at home at and are developing resources and support tailored to the different themes women face at each stage of their lives. We are passionate about empowering all women to navigate life with confidence - from young women, mothers, independent women to mature women.

For young women, we're looking at themes such as self-confidence, healthy boundaries, self-care, anxiety related to the climate emergency, as well as relationships and sex. This includes understanding the menstrual cycle and finding help to manage irregular or painful periods.

If a woman chooses motherhood, we offer support to navigate possible challenges related to fertility, postpartum depression, pregnancy loss as well as the psychology of becoming a mother. We also provide resources about conscious parenting and how to balance personal well-being with the demands of motherhood. 

But women are more than mothers! Women are choosing more often not to have children or may not be able to conceive. Independent women are often focused on finding purpose, self-expression and fulfilment in their career as well as romantic and other relationships. We also prepare women for the perimenopause transition which can start as early as a woman's end 30s. continues to walk with mature women through and beyond menopause. We celebrate mature women's changing role as possible children may leave home and may have children themselves. Whether or not an actual grandmother, older women's wisdom, care and knowledge are essential to the well-being of all of society.

Embodying healthy, post-patriarchal feminine & masculine values

Our second pillar at is to ensure that we create services inclusive for all is to embrace healthy feminine as well as masculine values in both men and women and anyone identifying differently. We want to contribute to creating a non-toxic gender environment where both men and women are inspired by post-patriarchal values and choose their identity fluidly.  

We stand against toxic masculine values such as domination and bullying, and recognise toxic feminine ones such as gossip and manipulation. On the other hand, we stand for healthy values such as holding space or being decisive (masculine), sustainability and collaboration (feminine). 


What that means for us practically is for example that we celebrate diversity in our content, from race to age, ability and body type, rejecting unrealistic body image ideals and objectification of any body.

We also aim to validate our practitioners to make sure that they embrace our post-patriarchal values and have for example abuse protocols in place. We avoid subconsciously influencing and manipulating the purchasing decisions of our customers. 

Supporting the ‘feminine’ cyclical path

Our third pillar is to support the rise of an alternative spiritual path based on feminine values,  emphasising awakening our inner wisdom through embodiment.

While patriarchal spirituality has often taken a linear approach to enlightenment, sometimes even at the exclusion of women, now women are at the forefront of an empowering shift: the re-emergence of an earth-based, cyclical approach to spirituality. 

By embracing nature's cycles, her natural rhythm of blossom, bloom, harvest and hibernate, we awaken our inner guidance and learn to navigate life's transitions in a resilient and sustainable way. We take care of our own precious resources as we do with those of the Earth. We find our way back to the wisdom of our body and celebrate self-love, joy, pleasure, rest and community. 

At the same time, in honour of nature's eternal cycle of death, rebirth, and growth, we engage in essential practices like shadow work and trauma-informed (ancestral) healing. 

We recognise that certain forms of patriarchal spirituality: goal-oriented, hierarchical, disciplined, focused on transcending emotions and the physical body can lead to spiritual bypassing*, exhaustion and abuse in the teacher-student relationship.

Introducing our Women's Well-Being services's Women Well-Being services fully embrace women's journey of growth and transformation, mirroring the cyclical rhythm of nature. 

We support women in each life stage, from young woman to elder. This includes specialised services to support you through the main initiations of womanhood - menarche (your first period), childbirth, (peri-)menopause - and anything in between. 

Whether you’re exploring your sexuality, navigating life as a mother or an independent woman, or finding your way through your crone years, we’ve got holistic resources available for you so you can make empowered decisions and experience the blessings of life lived in a woman’s body.

Yet the feminine experience transcends our physical bodies. All people benefit from awakening and freely expressing their feminine energy, which has been repressed for so long in patriarchal societies. Transitioning out of these patterns, we each choose our own balance of empowered, non-toxic feminine and masculine qualities. 

At, you’ll find practitioners who can support you in this journey and embrace a more cyclical way of living that honours Mother Earth. Feminine spirituality is a big part of this as we bring back feminine ways of worshipping, still alive after thousands of years of oppression. Explore the magical world of the divine feminine, where your heart is your teacher.


Final thoughts

At, we aim to empower women and men to connect with their inner wisdom and embrace their true selves. Our dedication to inclusivity, sustainability, safety, and transparency helps us build a community where everyone feels celebrated and supported on their journey towards healing and self-discovery. 

At, our mission is clear: we're here to empower women and men alike, encouraging them to tap into their inner wisdom and embrace their true selves without reservation. 

We're committed to fostering a community where inclusivity, sustainability, safety, and transparency aren't just buzzwords but the pillars upon which we build our foundation. Every individual who joins us isn't just a member; they're celebrated and supported on their unique path toward healing and self-discovery. 

Join us as we continue to pave the way towards a brighter, more equitable and compassionate society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.



* spiritual bypassing describes a tendency to use spiritual explanations to avoid complex psychological issues.


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