Women's Well-being

At Sissoo, we’re passionate about women’s inclusivity and all our offerings are designed with this in mind and heart. Women’s well-being services are first of all supporting women in each life stage, from young woman to elder. This includes specialised services to support you through the main initiations of womanhood - menarche (your first period), childbirth, menopause - and anything in between. Whether you’re exploring your sexuality, navigating life as a mother or an independent woman, or finding your way through your crone years, we’ve got holistic resources available for you so you can make empowered decisions and experience the blessings of life lived in a woman’s body! Yet the feminine experience transcends our physical bodies. All people benefit from awakening and freely expressing their feminine energy, which has been repressed for so long in patriarchal societies. Transitioning out of these patterns, we each choose our own balance of empowered, non-toxic feminine and masculine qualities. At Sissoo, you’ll find practitioners who can support you in this journey and embrace a more cyclical way of living that honours Mother Earth. Feminine spirituality is a big part of this as we bring back feminine ways of worshipping, still alive after thousands of years of oppression. From Goddess myths, to womb mysteries and sacred dances, explore the magical world of the divine feminine, where your heart is your teacher.